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Bagels & Beyond: Exploring Chinese Takes on Trending Western Food

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Everyone has preferred foods that they miss out on from house, any place house might be. As an American Jew, among the food products I miss out on most is the bagel. A thick tasty bread with origins in both Eastern Europe and New York, it is the essential food of my individuals.

Increasingly ending up being popular amongst Chinese individuals and offered as 犹太圈 (actually ‘Jew Loops’) in Shanghai or the rather more political correctness transliteration 贝果, few of the locations making this product are getting it even slightly right, as it is rather hard to make correctly (boil then bake).

With experiences varying from a little frightened to exceptionally delighted, the last month has actually seen me checking out or purchasing from 9 various facilities in Haikou that offer what they call bagels.

9. Luckin Coffee

Offering a quick caffeine choose me up and a range of non coffee based beverages, my constant browsing on the food shipment apps for 贝果 to see if whatever part of the city I remained in had anything I missed out on caused my finding that some branches of Luckin Coffee likewise use food.

When I arrived, they ran out the walnut bagel (RMB 12) revealed on the app and, as the food they took out to reveal me was plainly prepackaged from elsewhere, I decreased to attempt it out.

Monday-Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-7.30 pm. 1F, Nanyang structure, No. 81 Binhai Avenue, Longhua District. See listing.


8. Bonjour Paris

Ordered by means of Eleme, I’m truly pleased I didn’t in fact enter individual to get Bonjour Paris’s bagel (RMB 12) as then I would not just have actually been dissatisfied in what I got, I likewise would have squandered my time looking for their area.

Although not awful, the vanilla mousse and strawberry jam tart (RMB38) I got to bring my order as much as the minimum needed for shipment was likewise– for the cost– a big frustration. Compared to the bagel, although it definitely wasn’t French in any method nor was it what I would explain as either mousse or a tart, it at least looked like the item it was attempting to be.

Daily, 10 am-1030 pm. F6, Friendship Sunshine City, No. 2, Jinlong Road, Longhua District. See listing.


7. Aspect Fresh

Considerably more upmarket than the majority of their shops throughout China, Haikou’s very first Element Fresh is among the couple of locations in the city to integrate indoor/outdoor seating into their style. When compared to the quality of all the other meals bought, nevertheless, their toasted bagel was absolutely nothing except a huge dissatisfaction.


Barely heated up, it featured a paltry scattering of definitely-not-Philadelphia-Cream-Cheese cream cheese cubes that weren’t even sufficient to top one side.

Go for the breakfast. Stay for the mixed drinks. Do not trouble with the bagel.

Daily, 10 am-10 pm. F1, Baifang shopping mall, 105 Binhai Avenue, Longhua District. See listing.


6. Fime Bakery

We initially found out about Fime Bakery from our pals at Freeter and after that, a couple of months later on, from a Hainan-born Los Angeleno in a tirade which described their Matcha Red Bean Bagels as an ‘abomination’ and “among the worst things [she] ‘d ever consumed.” As an avowed enthusiast of Americanized Chinese food meals like General Tso’s Chicken, I feel unpleasant utilizing such blanket declarations with combination products that have actually taken a trip from west to east so I was figured out to go inspect them out.

After several gos to where they either weren’t open yet, closed for the vacation, or out of bagels, the stars lined up and I arrived simply as the Coffee Nut Bagel and Black Tea Bagel were coming out of the oven.

Nowhere near thick adequate to correctly be called a bagel, they were still significantly denser than Chinese bread normally is. Neither taste was precisely what I ‘d call a ‘bagel’ taste however considering what traditionalists think about my cherished cinammon raisin bagels, I need to reluctantly confess that– so long as you do not approach them with prejudgments of what a bagel ought to be– they were both truly great.

The paste filling, while a distinctly ‘un-kosher’ method to fixing the issue of slicing a bagel open without slicing your hand open, was adequately unknown to my taste that, had I not understood what tastes I ‘d bought, I would not have simply stated ‘something delicious.’

Also, if you are searching for an air-conditioned semi-public area in the southern half of the city, the abundance of green plants makes this an especially comfy one.

Daily, 10 am-6pm. 80 Longkun South Road, Longhua District. See listing.


5. Highland

Better called a sophisticated whisky bar, Highland has actually broadened their service scope to consist of a mostly-delivery choice of light lunches consisting of bagel sandwiches and croissants.


At RMB 23, the bacon bagel sandwich with a fried egg, apple pieces, and.
avocado is a filling meal. Overstuffed to the point of being difficult.
to consume as a sandwich, I seem like it would have been much better if the veg,.
lettuce, and sesame dressing had actually begun as the side salad they.
wound up being. The bagel itself was denser and chewier than the majority of.
Haikou’s bagels however still stopped working to properly strike the mark.

Using the exact same stuffing method as Fime Bakery, I believed their.
ridiculously little Sichuan Sausage Bagel (RMB16) tasted rather excellent (if not.
at all a bagel) however my Chinese buddy could not overcome a donut.
shaped piece of western food being hot instead of sweet.

Daily, 8pm-2am. 1F, Jincheng International northwest gate, Yusha Road, Longhua District. See listing.


4. O-Poke

If you order in shop O-Poke, a Zhejiang based across the country chain that I came across on Meituan, generally uses shredded chicken breast, tuna fish with apple and shrimp bagel sandwiches. Whether you purchase from Meituan or Eleme, their online buying system primarily appears to just use the shrimp variation.

Despite having a counter and 3 stools, this is really plainly not an eat-in facility. From the photos online, they appear to have had a big store at Mova Plaza, however the personnel informed me it’s closed.

Featuring protein, veg and a fried egg, my shredded chicken breast bagel sandwich was far too overstuffed to consume as a sandwich. A little sweet with a taste I didn’t acknowledge, the bagel texture and density were rather great. I didn’t anticipate my order to come with sides and was happily amazed by a fresh fruit cup with just recently cut melon, some beautiful fried mushrooms and a side salad which– if it had not been totally soaked in Thousand Island– would have been exceptional.


At RMB368 bought by means of Meituan with the eat-in alternative, I ‘d state this bagel sandwich did adequately well on both quality and worth that I ‘d want to attempt other products on their menu.

Daily, 10 am-1030 pm. No.107 Shop, Feicui Building, Longfa Road, Longhua District. See listing.


3. Xiangmai Bakery

The bagels at Xiangmai Bakery were a fortuitous discovery thanks to Eleme. They are considerably smaller sized than the bagels at our very first and 2nd location facilities, they were– at RMB6 each– the most affordable bagels I handled to discover in Haikou.

Closer to a sourdough than the entire wheat walnut which my order declared to be (though there were a couple of walnuts in it), the outside crust had a chewy adequate texture that I might quickly think this bagel had actually effectively been boiled prior to baking. The within, nevertheless was insufficiently thick and provided me the impression that it had actually been yeast raised and delegated increase too long.


A fast perusal of their other items appeared to show primarily tasty breads without any red bean, meat floss, or mayo. I didn’t attempt any of their far too little loaves of bread however I kept in mind that they consisted of a RMB7 ‘French Bread’ that appeared like French Bread, a RMB10 ‘Ciabatta’ that appeared like Ciabatta, and a RMB6 ‘German Pretzel’ that appeared like a German Pretzel.


Daily, 7am-11 pm. No. 11, Zhuyun Road, Qiongshan District. See listing.


2. American Bakery

Other than the rather mysterious package of catsup that features the extremely not kosher bacon, egg, & cheese-melt bagel sandwich (RMB18), there’s absolutely nothing truly bad one can state about the bagels at the American Bakery and, prior to my first-place choice opening, they were definitely the very best alternative in Haikou for scratching this specific cooking itch.


For those in the understand, I ‘d rank these bagels as much better than what you ‘d get frozen from a supermarket in the United States however not as great as you would obtain from a bagel focused junk food chain like Einstein Brothers.

Since the very best bagels in Haikou are significantly closer to my apartment or condo, their bagels are off my individual wish list, however if you are currently here to purchase some cinnamon rolls (RMB12), they are priced fairly enough that it’s beneficial to get 3 or 4 to take house with you.

Daily, 8.30 am-8.30 pm. 2/ F, Huishang street, No. 13, Haidian Wuxi Road, Meilan District. See listing.


1. Sweet Aroma

If you in fact understand what a bagel is expected to be which’s the taste profile which you are searching for, Sweet Aroma on Haidian Island is– by far– the very best location in Haikou to get a bagel. Using 2 type of bagel sandwich along with private bagels (RMB12) or bagels by the lots (order ahead of time, RMB70 per 6), they can’t take on the baking managed by Dini Freundlich at the Beijing Chabad House however these are otherwise among the very best bagels I’ve had in 19 years of residing in China.

American owner Crystal Stephens hasn’t yet broadened to include my preferred pumpernickel and she’s in some way constantly out of cinnamon raisin when I go, however they have garlic bagels, entire wheat bagels, whatever bagels … and she’s in some way even handled to discover a legal source for poppyseeds.

The bread isn’t rather as largely chewy as a standard bagel, however the garnishes on the smoked salmon and whipped cream cheese bagel with capers (RMB40) are much better quality than a lot of United States dining establishment bagels.

Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-9pm. No. 8, Haidian Fifth East Road, Meilan District. See listing.

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