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Blac Chyna Freaks Over Vaccinations on Video, Rants at Airline Company Passengers

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Blac Chyna
‘ Go Get F Vaccinated’!!!
Goes OFF on Fan in Airport

10/11/202111: 55 AM PT.


Here’s Blac Chyna having a really public freakout in an airport … chewing out folks to “go get f immunized!!!”

Ya got ta see the video … Blac Chyna’s standing in the terminal with her bodyguards when she chews out somebody to get vaxxed and “stop being dumb, hoe!”

Folks who saw BC go nuclear in Miami International Airport inform TMZ … the occurrence decreased late Sunday night, and she was obviously triggered by a fan’s ask for a photo.

We’re informed a girl holding an infant increased to Chyna to request for the image, which’s when BC began ranting about how the lady much better be immunized.

Blac Chyna, BTW, is immunized … she got her jab previously this year while live streaming.

As you can see, the majority of the airline company tourists simply sit there in shocked silence … and nobody appears to respond much to the animated, blue-haired Blac Chyna as she keeps going off. By the end of the tirade, she’s not even discussing vaccines– rather, she was going off about her Washington, DC roots. ♂

MIA polices inform us they never ever got a require the event. Sooo … no blood, no nasty.

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