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Chiefs superfan ‘X-factor’ knocked out throughout fan battle (Video)

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Kansas City Chiefs fan known as 'X-factor.

Kansas City Chiefs fan called ‘X-factor.” (Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

The Kansas City Chiefs fan called “X-factor” was knocked out throughout a battle at Arrowhead Stadium after he presumably tossed a water bottle at other fans.

A battle in the stands throughout Sunday night’s marquee match in between the Chiefs and Bills included an identifiable figure.

The Kansas City superfan referred to as “X-factor” since of his unforgettable headgear seemed knocked out by a fellow Chiefs fan.

Chiefs superfan “X-factor” began a battle and got knocked out

According to users on Twitter, X-factor began the battle when he tossed a bottle of water. The other fan was striking back. The response of the crowd around them most likely speaks with the credibility X-factor has in the Kansas City fanbase. He does not seem favored.

Either method, this is Exhibit A and B for how not to act throughout a sporting occasion. Do not toss things at other individuals. And do not toss punches. It’s truly not that difficult to determine.

Even if the person you’re punching is the most unlikeable individual on earth, violence isn’t the response. Call security and get the prompting force tossed out.

Sadly, this is a typical event not simply as KC video games however apparently in every sports arena in America nowadays.


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