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‘Heels’ Season 1 Finale: Chris Bauer on That Pants-Pooping Scene: ‘They Never Taught United States This at Yale’

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Well, that was one wild “Heels” Season 1 ending. Mentioning “wild,” should we discuss “Wild” Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer) pooping his trousers throughout the Starz pro-wrestling drama’s centerpiece ladder match?

Obviously, the response is yes we should.

As a really major reporter, I sent out Bauer the following e-mail: “Walk us through, in unpleasant information, how you as an accomplished remarkable star play s– ting your trousers. The number of takes did you do? What was your response when you initially saw that twist in the ending script? Have you seen it back? If so, please grace us with a grade of your pants-s– ting efficiency.”

The thoughtful alum of “The Wire” sent out the following in action:

I value a possibility to react to your demand to report in “agonizing information,” what it resembled to shoot the ending when Wild Bill has “a mishap” as we call it when we take my grandpa to the films. I must’ve understood the muses would depend on their synchronistic mayhem when my last series was “The Deuce.” My U.S. Marshal buddy constantly states, “There’s no such thing as a coincidence.”

Regrettably, I’m on the record as being dedicated to credibility in my work, and I pridefully wait that claim. With the approval of our generous cast and relentlessly client team, and the delicate speak with of a thoughtful intimacy organizer, I believed, YOLO, and proceeded and s– myself for reals. The bottom line is, Pete Segal is a first-rate director, who actually had my behind here. He’s got a “existed, done that” self-confidence that made it really simple to simply do my task.

When I initially checked out the script and saw what would be needed of me, I believed, “Damn, they never ever taught us this at Yale.” Thankfully, a roadway journey to San Felipe with my brothers in the ’90 s taught me whatever I required to nail this scene.

I have actually not seen it yet, however am at an all-time high in the self-confidence department, which I can credit to a current stock of my profession highlights. Going partially nude as Ken Kesey, using assless chaps in “8mm,” and intoxicated dancing in “True Blood” are tough to beat, however s– ting myself in the remarkable season ending of “Heels” is an unparalleled accomplishment. I ‘d offer myself a semi-solid B.

Heels Season 1 2021

Yep, there’s no “heel” (the pro-wrestling term for a bad man) here. Not just is Chris Bauer plainly a babyface (a hero, in battling parlance), he’s likewise a quite modest self-grader. That scene was at least a B .

And yes, Chris Bauer did finish from the Yale School of Drama prior to making a mark in Hollywood in programs like “The Wire,” “Third Watch” and “The Deuce” along with motion pictures like “The Devil’s Advocate,” “Face/Off” and a 2007 “Neal Cassady” biopic where he played fellow Beat icon Ken Kesey.

Now, listen up, Starz executives: We’re going to require “Heels” to be restored for Season 2, since undoubtedly we require more “Wild” Bill Hancock.

And fine, Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig and the rest of the Duffy Wrestling League gang are respectable too.

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