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How to Leave a Discord Server

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If you’re no longer thinking about belonging to a Discord server, you can leave the server to stop additional engaging with it. We’ll reveal you how to do this in Discord on desktop, web, and mobile.

When you leave a server, Discord no longer sends you notices from that server. You likewise can’t publish any messages because server, and it will vanish from your sidebar.

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Leave a Discord Server on Desktop or Web

On your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer system, you can utilize the Discord app or Discord’s web variation to eliminate yourself from a server. The guidelines are the very same for both the app and the web variation of Discord.

Start by releasing Discord on your computer system. In the sidebar to the left, pick the server you desire to leave.

Select a server in Discord on desktop.

The picked server’s page will open. At the top of this page, beside where you see the server name, click the down-arrow icon.

From the menu that opens after clicking the down-arrow icon, choose “Leave Server.”


A “Leave” trigger will appear. Here, click “Leave Server” to verify your option.


And that’s all. You’ve formally stop the chosen server, and this server will no longer appear in Discord’s left sidebar.

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Leave a Discord Server on Mobile

On an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, utilize the main Discord app to leave a server.

Start by opening the Discord app on your phone. At the top-left corner of the app, tap the 3 horizontal lines.

Tap the three horizontal lines in Discord on mobile.

From the servers list in the left sidebar, pick the server you wish to leave.

Select a server in Discord on mobile.

You’ll see the picked server’s information. At the top-right corner of this server screen, tap the 3 dots.

Tap the three dots at the top-right corner of a server in Discord on mobile.

From the menu that opens, choose “Leave Server.”


A “Leave” trigger will appear. Select “Leave Server” in this timely.


And you’re no longer part of the picked server!

Did you understand, on Discord, you can produce and handle your own servers? Establishing a server isn’t as challenging as you may believe, and you must provide it a shot if you’re interested.

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