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I Have Seen Hell, And It Is Epic Thinking About A Fortnite Movie

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Lots of Fortnite characters standing around looking Fortnitey

Image: Epic Games

” Epic Games is thinking about releasing a home entertainment department concentrated on scripted video shows.” Amusing how a sentence can feel both so ridiculous and yet so inescapable at the exact same time.

A report on The Information declares that Epic, flush with Fortnite cash and not understanding how to invest it beyond computer game, are taking a look at entering into video material. Which among the very first jobs talked about is “a function movie based upon Fortnite

I understand, Fortnite released as a video game that had its own “story.” Which as its fight royale mode grew, it too established its own “story.” Come on, we both understand what a Fortnite motion picture would look like, and it would not be a low-budget scary flick about a group of good friends banding together to eliminate zombies.

Fortnite as it exists in 2021 is a hyper-capitalist melting pot of copyright, where things individuals keep in mind from their youths do fight versus things individuals have actually seen in ads. It is, as I’ve currently explained it, Ready Player One without the literary goals. It is Space Jam 3, lastly without its basketballing commitments It is this:

G/O Media might get a commission

There is not a single possible timeline where a Fortnite motion picture is not a workout in the additional diminishment of the movie, another experiment in seeing how efficient two-hour commercials can be. And yet if you survey those timelines, it’s likewise difficult seeing one where this film does not get made. Does not tease itself agonisingly in its own video game, promoted breathlessly by Travis Scott as he uses a K-Pop band’s tee shirt and tosses a football to Iron Man– using a Chiefs jersey– who then soaks it into a basketball ring that changes into a McNugget.

This is what draws about Epic, and Fortnite, and the method movie theater and pop culture are converging in the 21 st century. We’re going to get the important things their investors desire, rather of the something that may really be cool. And by cool I indicate I would much rather see Epic invest the money on Facing Worlds, an anime series based upon Unreal Tournament rather.

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