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Ken Ham Skeptical That Noah’s Ark Has Been Discovered: ‘This Isn’t a New Find’

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Christian author and apologist Ken Ham is revealing suspicion about a headline-grabbing claim that the website of Noah’s Ark has actually been discovered in Turkey, near the border of Iran.

The U.S. Sun paper triggered the dispute about the website recently with a story stating how scientists had actually utilized 3D scans to study a development on Mount Tendürek in Turkey that has the boat-shaped measurements of Noah’s Ark.

Researchers initially recommended in 1959 that the website might be Noah’s Ark. The 3D scans, however, are brand-new.

The research study was carried out by the company Noah’s Ark Scans, which states the brand-new information “increases the possibility” that the development “is a manufactured structure that appears to match the Biblical description of Noah’s Ark.” The scans, according to a news release, “revealed parallel lines and angular shapes” underneath the surface area that “appeared to look like spaces, perhaps beneath a deck-like platform.”

” This is not what you would anticipate to see if this website is simply a strong block of rock or a build-up of random particles from a mudflow,” scientist Andrew Jones informed the paper.

But Ham, the creator and president of the ministry Answers in Genesis, stated he isn’t persuaded.

” This isn’t a brand-new discover. … It was very first postulated as an Ark website back in 1959 and has actually been challenged (and refuted) since, consisting of by Christians and creationists who think God’s Word and would definitely like to discover the ark (although we do not need to),” Ham composed on his blog site. “… [H] as Noah’s Ark been discovered? We would state no.”

Ham referenced research study by Answers in Genesis geologist Andrew Snelling, who questions the boat itself endured after the flood due to the fact that Noah and his household would have dismantled it for lumber. Due to the flood, Snelling composed, there would have been “no fully grown trees readily available for Noah and his household to develop shelters after they left the Ark.”

Further, Snelling composed, the website in Turkey is “in a valley and not on a mountain as explained by the Genesis account.”

” It is uncertain precisely the identity and area of the “mountains of Ararat” [Genesis 8:4; notice the plural word ‘mountains’], however even this website rests on volcanic lava circulations (under the mud streams), which like Mount Ararat itself is a post-Flood volcano that even just recently appeared,” Snelling composed. “The Ark arrived on a mountain on Day 150 of the Flood, so if it arrived on a volcano that was still emerging and emerged once again later on throughout the Flood, the survival of Noah and his freight would be at threat.

” … We do not require to discover the Ark to accept it as a historic truth,” Snelling included. “We currently have the foolproof testament of the ever-present, all-knowing Creator in His Word. And even if the Ark were discovered, scoffers would still decline the proof, dismissing it as a reproduction developed by worshippers to a misconception they thought in.”


Archaeologists Find Boat-Like Formation Matching ‘Biblical’ Description of Noah’s Ark in Turkish Mountains

Photo credit: © Getty Images/Inna Giliarova

Michael Foust has actually covered the crossway of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have actually appeared in Baptist Press, Christianity Today, The Christian Po st, the Leaf-Chronicle, the Toronto Star and the Knoxville News-Sentinel

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