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Mini Review: A Juggler’s Tale

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A Juggler’s Tale will feel immediately familiar if you’re a fan of PlayDead’s Inside and Limbo. A narrative-driven 2.5 D experience video game, A Juggler’s Tale share’s much of the very same DNA as its seriously well-known brother or sisters (it even feels a bit too familiar sometimes). Replica is the sincerest kind of flattery, after all, however this title can’t rather reach the very same excessive heights, making this an excellent video game however not an excellent one.

A Juggler’s Tale concentrates on the life of Abby, a marionette who gets away from a life of exploitation and abuse. Assisting her along the method, obviously, is the puppet master – our storyteller – who conserves Abby at several points throughout the story when she discovers herself in a bind.

For the a lot of part, A Juggler’s Tale plays quite like your common cinematic experience video game. You’ll walk through different environments – consisting of marshes and towns – where you’ll require to get rid of many puzzles, challenges, and opponents that take place to obstruct your method. The essential distinction here, nevertheless, is that Abby is continuously held up by strings, which shows to be both a true blessing and a problem.

Early in the video game you’ll stumble upon the very first of lots of puzzles that basically needs you to move a things out of the method so that the strings holding Abby up do not get captured. It’s an intriguing mechanic since it successfully eliminates the entire ‘ this character can’t leap over a small barrier‘ restriction generally seen in video games by concentrating on what’s above you, rather. Great in theory, naturally, however regrettably there’s eventually extremely little discrepancy from the puzzle structure throughout the video game; when you’ve determined one, you’ve basically figured them all out.

Aside from the puzzles used, much of A Juggler’s Tale concentrates on tone and ecological storytelling; you’ll discover a variety of animals and locations, like huge spiders (hey there, Limbo) and bad-tempered farmers. The storyteller offers excellent context to the circumstances Abby discovers herself in, and the rhyming structure of his discussion includes a good touch to the total discussion.

Visually, the video game frequently looks stunning, with spectacular backgrounds total with stunning sundowns and weather condition impacts. The issue, similar to lots of multi-platform titles, is that this is objectively a lower visual experience on Switch than you ‘d possibly discover on other platforms. Characters and items look unpleasantly out-of-focus, and it’s frequently hard to construct out crucial products concealed on the ground, which can grind your development to a discouraging stop. On the other side, nevertheless, although the screenshots we’ve caught do not especially articulate this effectively, the video game has a movement blur impact that looks quite excellent while you’re playing, including a touch of realism to the video game.

At simply 2 – 3 hours in length, A Juggler’s Tale is a lean experience with little fat on the bones (however might still be a little on the brief side for some). It’s an embarassment that the designer leant on the exact same type of puzzle for much of the video game, as it makes specific locations feel repeated as an outcome. If you’re a fan of video games like Limbo and Inside, this is a great option; simply do not go anticipating a video game of the very same calibre or quality.

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