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Nintendo Says Joy-Con Drift Is Unavoidable, But iFixit Says It’s Repairable

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A pair of Nintendo Joy-Cons on a table.
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Nintendo has lastly recognized Joy-Con drift, the phenomenon where Joy-Con thumbsticks stop working to focus effectively, triggering in-game characters to roam in unexpected instructions. And while we’re delighted to see Nintendo reveal a little bit of sincerity here, the business does not use a service to the issue. It likewise stops working to point out that Joy-Cons are extremely simple to fix in your home.

The topic of Joy-Con drift showed up throughout a Switch OLED Model Q&A. Nintendo’s Ko Shiota and Toru Yamashita (GM and Deputy GM of Technology Development) went over the issue at length, and even pointed out the actions Nintendo is requiring to make Joy-Cons more resilient. Still, the duo yields that Joy-Con drift is an “inevitable” effect of wear and tear, even on the Switch OLED Model.

That’s excellent to understand, however just acknowledging the issue and calling it “inescapable” does not actually assist anyone, does it? Consumers would get a lot more mileage out of simple, at-home services, like fast repair work.

And that’s not a lot to request for, due to the fact that Joy-Cons are extremely simple to fix. We at Review Geek have actually changed a number of Joy-Con thumbsticks utilizing products offered by iFixit, so naturally, we connected to our good friends at iFixit for a remark.

From iFixit’s Craig Lloyd, Head of Content Operations:

We’re pleased to see Nintendo rather confess the issue with joysticks. They do not actually promote repair/replacement choices. Fortunately, we got that part covered, and the replacement is relatively simple. Can’t state the very same for PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

So, how do you change Joy-Con thumbsticks? Well, you simply require $15 and half an hour of spare time. The group at iFixit offers a cost effective joystick set that consists of a set of tools to break open your Joy-Cons. And obviously, there are in-depth guides to assist you carry out the job with gusto.

I recommend glancing at iFixit’s Joy-Con repair work guides to see if you’re up to scuff. To be sincere, this is truly a novice’s job. Repairing your Joy-Cons is simple, and it might be an initial step in fixing other damaged electronic devices in your house.

Keep in mind that any damages made to your Joy-Cons throughout repair work aren’t covered under your 1 year service warranty (though opening and fixing your Joy-Cons will not void your guarantee).

If you’re completely uneasy repairing Joy-Cons yourself, you need to attempt to get in contact with Nintendo– the business has actually used numerous consumers totally free repair work (level of service warranty) to attend to Joy-Con drift. At-home repair work can take less than 30 minutes if you study iFixit’s guides in advance, and Nintendo will take a lot longer.

Source: Nintendo by means of TechRadar

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