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What’s With All Those Helicopters On GTA Covers?

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A collage of all the GTA covers that include helicopters in the top right corner.

Image: Rockstar/ Kotaku

I do not keep in mind precisely when I observed it, however one day I was looking at the PS2 cases for Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas and identified an amusing resemblance: they both had a helicopter in the leading. I examined GTA III‘s case and it too had the exact same thing. I looked at other GTA video game cases and recognized that putting a heli in the leading left-hand corner is undoubtedly a thing.

This all drew back on the cover for GTA III In the leading left hand of the collage of images that comprise the cover art, you can see a cops helicopter. Another cops heli appears in the exact same area on Vice City’s renowned PS2 cover. And after that after that, almost every GTA cover consists of a helicopter because exact same area.

The only exceptions to this guideline are primarily strange ports, like GTA Advance and the odd worldwide covers GTA III sported back then. The one genuine oddball is GTA Chinatown Wars, which utilizes the exact same cover style as all the primary GTA video games, however does not consist of a helicopter for some factor.

The colorful cover of GTA Chinatown Wars, which doesn't include a helicopter

Image: Rockstar Games

Another pattern, that Rockstar does not follow as much as the heli, is the positioning of a motorbike in the leading, best corner of lots of GTA covers. This is a cooler, lesser-known pattern that just us GTA hipsters learn about. And now all of you, I think too …

G/O Media might get a commission

I’m not the very first individual to observe this. As the traditional Grand Theft Auto video games are presently trending thanks to the current remaster news, I began talking about random bits of trivia and tradition with folks I understand. It was then that I discovered that a great deal of folks didn’t understand about the odd helicopter Easter egg Rockstar likes consisting of on each GTA cover. Obviously, when I pointed it out individuals would ask me why and I do not have a great response for that.

Perhaps it is among those things that started by mishap. You understand, somebody put a heli in the exact same area two times in a row and somebody chose to keep it up for the next one. And after that a mishap ended up being a custom. An unusual custom, however one which most likely does not have any dubious conspiracies about it online..

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