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Yes, Far Cry 6 Has A Transmog Feature

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Two soldiers wearing cream linen suits and standing in front of a bronze convertible in Far Cry 6.

I will never ever not be using a cream linen match in Far Cry 6
Image: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6, Ubisoft’s cockfighting video game that consists of a gazillion-hour open-world shooter, has a transmog function. You may not understand so from the start. To take it from some gamers, it’s all too simple to glaze right over it.

Transmog, for those not familiar with the term, is a function in gear-heavy video games that permits you to alter your attire without altering your statistics. In video games that wed statistics, benefits, and other important to particular pieces of equipment, like Far Cry 6, transmog is if not necessary, a minimum of quite valued. Ubisoft’s own Assassin’s Creed Valhalla included it 4 months after launch, however flummoxed gamers by requiring a moderate amount of in-game currency for each modification. (Even more offending, you can pay genuine cash for that in-game currency.) Destiny 2, on the other hand, included long-requested transmog choices previously this year, however connected them to an unbearable grind, basically restricting how typically gamers might utilize the functions.

Both systems, while far from ideal, are much better than absolutely nothing. Cyberpunk 2077, an infamously sartorially challenged role-playing video game, does not have a transmog function. Officially

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In Far Cry 6, the function is offered from the start, and it’s missing tricks. You do not need to grind for resources. You do not need to pony up in-game currency. You simply … pick the important things you wish to use and after that use it. The only catch is that the alternative to do so is a bit buried.

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First, go to your Arsenal menu. Hover over any piece of equipment you wish to alter, then struck the Triangle button (on PlayStation) to examine it. In the lower-left hand corner, you’ll see a little icon that appears like an eyeball doing a snap roll.

The gear menu in Far Cry 6 showing some dusty black jeans and dark red boots against a blood red background.

Arrow for focus.
Screenshot: Ubisoft/ Kotaku

Click on that. From there, you can have your character show any other opened tool in the exact same classification. That’s it! Invite back to the world of the fashionable.

This alternative has actually slipped by some gamers, that makes sense, as once again, it bears no apparent sign. “Just discovered you can personalize your appearance and not impact [sic] your statistics and shit,” checks out one Reddit post, with the author describing downthread they wanted they found out about it quicker. Kotaku‘s own Zack Zweizen, who’s sunk more than 2 lots hours into the video game, didn’t understand the choice existed up until I discussed it in our Slack channel today. Yeah, do not feel bad if you’ve missed it.

Now, if just I might transmog that ludicrously trendy Far Cry x Hamilton field watch onto my IRL wrist …

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